26M suffering from diffused hair loss with elevated bilirubin

Long story short, I’ve been losing my hair for 6 years now. The hair loss somehow started when I was taking accutane. The pattern is diffused (people but my mom and close friends can barely tell I am losing hair).
I’ve seen a doc who prescribed me several blood tests. He concluded, from my hair loss pattern, that there were chances my hair loss was not MPB. Everything seemed fine but my bilirubin levels (both direct and indirect). These are super high. I must add that AST and ALT were perfectly fine.
I asked the doctor on how to pursue with the bilirubin lead but he replied he wasn’t knowledgeable on the matter. He just said there could be something explaining hair loss behind it.
I went eventually did an liver MRI that went with nothing wrong. Another doctor claimed it was Gilbert Syndrome but it seems this syndrome could be used as a scapegoat to explain unexplained high bilirubin levels.
My question is: shall I still pursue high bilirubin as the potential explanation for my hair loss? If so, how? Or at this stage, shall I consider it to be MPB?

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