Am i suffering from hairloss? 18M

Hello. Some years back, already when I was 15, I started noticing, that the left side of my temple was receeding (I think), or atleast that the hairs on the top of the side was getting thin. I thought about it back then, but not alot. Now, at 18 years old, I have started thinking about it again, after I have noticed that I lose more hairs when & after I shower – I do not know if these two are connected, as I also suffer alot from dandruff on top of my head. It seems to only be the left side of the temple, as the right side looks fine, and does not have thinning hair.

I have a very little history of hair loss in my family – I have always been told, that my hair, looks like my dad’s, and he has not suffered from hair loss.

I am very concerned.

Here is the pictures:


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