Hair Loss Product Study

Friends, we’ve recently developed a new line of products specifically for women experiencing hair thinning/loss. Anticipating to be in stores in 2021, but we have a handful of samples available now.

We’re looking for women who would be interested in joining our test community for six months – to use the products, give us feedback, and receive $1,000 in product at the end of 6 months for their time. We’d love your participation (great products!) if you’re feeling up to it?

To qualify for the trial you must meet the below:

* Has never used Virtue products
* Women age 40-65
* Not pregnant or breastfeeding
* No pre-existing medical conditions that affect her hair
* Not taking any medications that affects their hair
* Does not have alopecia areata
* Actively seeking solutions for hair loss

Feel free to introduce anyone who comes to mind OR complete this screener survey here: [](

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