Hair systems will change your life! (If you want it to)

Hey everyone, I am just here to share my story with baldness and hopefully it can encourage somebody. I started off balding early. Basically like 18 it was going back. So there came the hats lol. Because just like everyone who starts to loose there hair that early, I was really self conscious about it. I started researching solutions about 19-20 when I started college. Being health conscious I never wanted to take pills not knowing how it would effect my body. Or do surgery because I didn’t want a scar and I’ve heard horror stories (Not to say they don’t work for some). Then I stumbled upon a hair system. I came to the video via a YouTube search for the cure for baldness. I’m going to be honest. It threw me off. The idea of wearing a “wig” was a hard pill to swallow. So I left the video and didn’t look back. Figured if hair doesn’t want me, fuck it, I don’t want hair. Fast forward and I got married and had a baby (best thing in the world). I started to look at how beautiful my wife was and how she took care of her self, but there I was starting to let myself go. I then began the journey to look back into solutions for balding. Once again up popped hair systems. This time it was a video in Germany of a young guy who totally transformed once he got hair. It blew my mind the difference.. naturally I showed my wife. She was shook as well. I said “Honey what if I tried this”. She was all about it. A matter of fact she was extremely all about it. To be honest ALL the woman in my life and who I’ve spoken with are on bored. It’s the guys who can not wrap there mind around it due to ego. I had the same problem… Fast forward again and I ordered a system online, had it installed, cut, and there I was a happy man. Felt like a million dollars. Everyone around me was saying the same thing. Here we are after some time, now 25, active, loving life and I am on a journey to tell guys they have a choice. Is it an easy one? No. Is there a learning curve? Yes. Is it for everyone? No. However, if you want a solution this is a good one. Otherwise, just shave it. The best part… if you hate it just take it off and forget about it. No pills. No surgery. Don’t break the bank. However, it might just change your life. It changed mine.

I’m here to answer any questions. PM anytime!


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