How to reduce fin sides?

Hey, guys. Would really appreciate your help. I was using minoxidil for about a year. I actually had a decent result with just min (4-10 months), even stopped thinking about losing my hair, I felt really great about it. And then I decided to start taking fin because my hair became much worse and min didn’t do anything, almost like it stopped working, idk. I hadn’t started fin with min because doctors said that I was too young (23 at the time) and read a lot about sides on the internet. But then I thought that it might be a nocebo effect and scaremongering, and slight sides are worth for having hair. So, I was taking 0.5mg fin for first 3 weeks, everything seemed to be fine, even though I haven’t had morning wood since I started fin, it didn’t bother me, because I hadn’t had it everyday prior to fin. So, I could get hard and jerk off a couple times a day, no complaints. Then after first 3 weeks I switched to 1mg daily and after 2 weeks I couldn’t get hard watching porn and even after touching myself my erection was about 70%. I tried not to attribute it to fin and to jump to any conclusion. I thought maybe my body needs to adapt to the new dose so I decided to wait and don’t panic . So, I’m almost 3 months in on 1mg daily. No morning wood at all, and even when I jerk off once in 3 or 4 days I don’t get hard of porn or anything like that and it’s still difficult to get hard and maintain erection when touching myself, I only get hard when I’m about to cum. I really don’t want to stop fin, because min seemed to stop working for me and hair is really important for me. And I don’t want to scare anyone off fin, I understand that the majority of people don’t get sides. Just want to get advice from people who experienced something similar, on how to reduce sides and improve erection, if that’s possible. Thanks

Tried to post it on r/tressless and it was removed by the moderators. Is it a censorship against people who have sides from fin? xD

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