I have started my journey with Propecia today

Today I received propecia from my doctor, I got started on it today. Just a bitof background about me, I started losing my hair in my early twenties (23 y/o) but it got really bad when I was 28 years old. My father experienced hair loss when he was younger so hair loss runs in my family. (genetics) I got FUT hair transplant in 2013 the hair surgeon suggested to me that I should use propecia and don’t worry about the possible side effects that I could get from it. I did some research on it and I was very concerned because people reported that propecia damaged they’re lives and wanted to sue Merck. I read a lot of bad stories about it, I hardly saw any good reports on it so I didn’t want to use propecia because I was scared of the side effects.

Seven years later (which is now) I thought “why don’t I give it a chance?” I spoke to my family doctor and told him that I had hair transplant few years ago and I wanted to use propecia and explained that Im aware I will have to take this drug for the rest of my life. I showed him the long scar on the back of my head. The instructions that came with the meds said it requires couple months to take effect so I understand that I will have to be patient and see how things go in couple months.

So my journey with propecia begins today and I hope to regrow my hair that I lost. I really miss having hair on my head, I want to be able to style my hair and do funky stuff with it.

Wish me luck! (if you want to see the condition of my hair let me know and I’ll upload couple pics of my hair)

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