Is this TE or not ?

Ok finally I was able to visit a dermatologist.
And he did a hair pull test…arnd 10-12 hairs were pulled out . ( Which is a lot )
I told him that ever since my life got stressful my shedding has begun arnd 1.5 yrs back…and my job give me anxiety daily.

He replied tht my body keeps going under stress
which leads to more Serb derm and hairfall.
(scalp, facial and chest)
So my TE is always in “to be continued” mode.
When I asked him a straight forward question ,
” is this TE?”
He was a bit unsure and said in as per my symptoms it looks like TE and said in MPB u can’t just pull 10+ hairs like this.

I want to b sure of this coz I don’t want to for Minoxidil unless it’s needed and get hooked to it.

So if u guys can help me a bit here would be great!

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