Question About DHT blockers

So, I am terrified of going bald. I am 29. My dad went bald. My dad had a receding hair line starting in his mid twenties. My mother’s dad went bald. My mom has two brothers, one is completely bald, the other has a full head of hair in his fifties. I have two brothers. One of them is 26 and went bald at 20. The other is 24 with a full head of hair. Every time I get my hair cut, I ask if they see any signs of balding or thinning, and they always say no. I had my hair cut a week ago, and the stylelist said he didn’t see any signs of balding or thinning, or my hair looked the exact same as it did 5 months ago when I last saw him, whatever that means. My question is, should I start taking dht blockers right now to prevent myself from going bald if I have the gene and just don’t see it yet, or should I wait for signs of visible balding before taking dht blocker?

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