What’s going on the back of my head? What type of hair loss is this?

22/M. My doctor hasn’t given me any good advice and said it will be a 12 week wait to speak to a dermatologist through the public health system so I want to go through a private doctor. Do I just speak to a dermatologist? So, I am 22 M, genetically my Uncle and Grandad have suffered from hair loss but not till they were in their 40’s. I have dealt with a lot of stress/anxiety/panic attacks of the past year and particularly in March/April. But I have been losing a lot of hair in the last few weeks. So I wonder if it’s an accumulation of that, my hair has always been thin but it’s the worst it’s ever been and the photos look bad more so because of the direct lighting but I feel pretty annoyed at what’s going on the back of head. Anyone faced similar?


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