Whats your experience with Minoxidil staining things like hats or pillow covers?

Im new to minoxidil. Wanted to use it before bed, or put it on then wear a hat. Now Im hearing it will stain things. But cant find any information about how badly it stains, or if its just when its still wet. Like for example if I apply it an hour or two before bed, Im assuming it would stain my pillow case. Having to apply it 4-5 hours before bed, then wash it off, seems like a huge hassle Im not prepared to do every single day. I sometimes only get home 2 hours before I have to go to bed.

Or if I apply it in the morning, then wear a hat, will it stain my hat? Does it depend on the color of the hat/pillow case? Id appreciate any additional info anyone can give me.

Ive heard the foam dries faster, but ive also read studies show it doesnt absorb as well into your skin. One tip Ive seen is to liquefy the foam and then apply it like the liquid version, so it dries faster.

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