Souffle Cups: Child Care Christmas Craft!

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Often when you think of using kitchen paper goods for crafts you think of paper plates or coffee filters but a souffle cup can be a unique item to use. I have listed one below with two different options that make a fun Christmas Craft for home, child care centers or schools for ages 4 and older.

Christmas Tree

Materials Needed:

16 – 4 oz paper souffle cups

1 – Each red and green crayon

3 – Q-tips

1 – Bottle of children’s glue (not glue stick)

1 – Each small container of red and green glitter

1 – 14″x15″ piece of heavy cardboard


Step 1 – Place souffle on newspaper or old shower curtain to protect surface.

Step 2 – Color inside bottom of 8 cups red and color inside bottom of 8 green using crayons.

Step 3 – Using a Q-tip, spread glue on outside sides of 1 red.

Step 4 – Sprinkle a small amount of red glitter on the glue sides.

Step 5 – Repeat steps 3 and 4 for 7 more red cups and then do the same for the 8 green using green glitter. Let dry completely.

Step 6 – Place the cardboard 14″ length and 15″ height on your surface.

Step 7 – Starting with 1 souffle, place it at the very top (center) of the cardboard. Then place 2 (centered), touching sides, directly below first one. Place 3 directly below the 2, 4 directly below the 3 and 5 directly below the 4. Place the last cup (this is the tree base) directly below the middle cup on last row. Alternate the colors, making sure to use green for the base.

Step 8- Beginning back at the top, glue all souffle cups in place. Let dry completely.

Now for the Options!

Option 1

Your tree can be a gift! Put pieces of small wrapped candy in each souffle cup. You can write a greeting directly on the cardboard or write it on a separate square of paper and glue it to the cardboard.

Option 2

Your tree can be a game! Place the cardboard on a table or floor. Using heavy buttons, coins, or marbles, make up a tossing game; any number of players can play.

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