Top Four Destinations That You Must Visit During the Christmas Season

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People celebrate Christmas in different ways. For some, this is the time to show off their cooking skills since the holidays is always marked by family reunions and other types of gatherings. For some, Christmas is the time of the year where they indulge themselves a bit, whether in the form of shopping or traveling. If you are the latter, then you’re in for a treat because this is also the time of the year when the best all inclusive holiday deals are offered. Here are some places that you should definitely take a look at these destinations that most travelers prefer to visit in Christmas time.

New York, New York. Despite the hustle and bustle, there is something about the city that makes it the mecca of Yuletide travelers. Some tourists say that could be about how New York City has so many traditions during Christmas, like the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center. There is also so much to do in the city during this season: ice skating in Central Park, or a visit or two at Macy’s Santaland display. Even the classics seem to be more special that usual in December-ask anyone who has visited the top of the Empire State Building in December.

London, England. If there are people who love Christmas as much as the Americans do, it’s the Brits. Christmas is one of the most festive holidays in London, and this is one of the reasons why you get the best London travel deals in December. You’ll be fascinated by the lights in Oxford Street, or the giant Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square-an iconic gift that England receives from Norway every year. Londoners are such big gift-givers, so you won’t be disappointed by the amount of Christmas markets along Thames River and Hyde Park.

Paris, France. What better way to spend the holiday season than to spend it in The City of Lights? Paris is also one of the most preferred destinations during Christmas time, especially for couples. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and the Christmas spirit will definitely take the romance a notch higher. The Eiffel Tower not just becomes a destination to take photos at, but it transforms into a shopping central for gifts. If you are visiting Paris this season, make sure not to skip the giant ferris wheel in Place la Concorde!

Montreal, Canada. Montreal is one of the cities that really go big during Christmas time. Whether it is because of their French influence, or simply because of the amount of love for the Yuletide season that they have, the city transforms into a winter wonderland in December. They have the Santa Parade every year since the 1920s, the Défilé de Noël festival, and fireworks from the Old Port to remind you how beautiful Christmas is. If you are booking an all inclusive holiday deal, make sure to get one that includes most of the attractions mentioned earlier.

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